Solution to Dry, Flaky and Brittle Nails.

Hot Oil Manicure :

I love nail art and this small sentence does no justice to explain my passion for it but keeping nails healthy and nourished is of prime importance. And no nail art or expensive polish will look good, if your nails and cuticles do not support them. Before asking the nail art or the fancy polish to make you nails look gorgeous , please ask your self did you do enough for your nails????
Hot Oil manicure ?

It is a luxurious and relaxing treatment for pampering your hands. It is best suited for dry and ribbed nails, damaged cuticles and brittle flaky nails.
However  my regular readers would know that I never endorse expensive products or difficult treatments. I am more of a researcher who comes up with Do It Yourself substitutes. So, here is a DIY Hot Oil Manicure that everyone can easily do sitting at home .

How to do ??                                                     

Some of the oils used for this are Vitamin E oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil mixed with lower density oil, Almond Oil etc. All you have to do is warm the oil for a 30 sec or so in the microwave. The oil should not be too hot and bearable
The reason of using warm the oil is that the density of the oil decreases (so oil thins down) when we heat them, hence they can now easily penetrate into the skin.
Now, dip your hands in the warm oil till the oil cools off. If you enjoyed this, do not hesitate in reheating the oil again for like a 20 sec and repeating it .
Take out your hands from the oil and massage your hands and wrist. Pay special attention to the cuticle, nail bed and nail edges.
Keep in mind that you are feeding the thirsty nails and hands with real good food. So don’t stop too soon.
Wash your hands with plain water after some massage and wipe them.
You can do the regular pushing your cuticles and removing the dead skin as well. If you wish you can proceed with nail paint application step of the manicure after getting rid of the oiliness from your nails.

I would suggest this as a before bed ritual so that you are touching around things interrupting the healing process.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would use this to pamper your nails and hands.

 *Please feel free to share your experiences and questions. Would love to hear.

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