Age old secret for skin lightening !

Rice powder

Chinese women have inherited a natural face mask from their ancestors to keep their skin fairer from the deep layers of skin. You will be surprised to know that it is one of the most important ingredient found in Indian kitchen. Its nothing but rice powder.
How rice powder works?                            

  • Rice contains a high amounts of PABA(para amino benzoic acid) which is a strong sunscreen.
  • It contains huge amounts of Ferulic acid which is an antioxidant. Scientists have found that when ferulic acid is added to Vitamin C and E, its sun protection ability doubled.
  • Allenton is a good anti-inflammatory agent. It soothes sunburns and also promotes the skin’s repair.
  • When applied as a paste on the skin, rice powder inhibits tyrosine, which is an enzyme responsible for melanin production(responsible for skin completion).
Rice face mask:
  • Take a hand full of rice and grind into a very smooth powder. Alternatively you can also use rice powder available in stores.
  • Add some raw milk to the powder and mix to make a smooth face mask.
  • Apply this paste over the face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Repeat twice a week or after exposure to sun.
  • When you soak rice in water, store the white water that you get, to splash on your face several times a day. This is a great skin cleanser and also promotes brighter complexion.
 *Please feel free to share your experiences and questions. Would love to hear.

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