Wonders of turmeric for Glowing Skin.

Turmeric works wonder  for wonderful skin. it acts like as a regular antiseptic, antibacterial medicine.
Few excellence of turmeric are as fallows::

🔸Prepare a pack of turmeric powder, water and sandalwood powder. Apply on your face and after 10 minutes wash off it. It cures acne issues.

🔸Make a Pack of turmeric powder, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply over face and neck.It helps to remove dark spot on your face.

🔸Make a bath scrubbing pack with turmeric powder and butter, massage it before bath. It removes dead cell and gives nourishing skin.

🔸Apply turmeric and coconut oil paste on your cracked heel before bath. It cures cracked heel problem

🔸Make a pack of milk and turmeric powder; rub it whole body before bath. It gives glowing skin.

🔸Grind raw turmeric with neem leaves , make a paste, apply it whole body,After some times take bath with cold water,it kills germs on your body.

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