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Choose Loose-Fitting Clothing : Dress in comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. Avoid multiple buttons and tight collars.

Choose Clothes that Fit : Don't buy loose clothing that hangs on your frame.Buy clothes that you are comfortable in, standing up or sitting down.

Keep your wardrobe versatile and mix trendy fashions with classic style.

Always wear 👙bras and panties that fit you well.Many tanks and halter tops now have a built-in bra,a very thing.

Who says you can't wear a tank top in the Winter? Mix and match to find the right balance. Even in cooler climates, a tank top looks just fine in the winter under long sleeves or a jacket. Just make sure you choose similar colors.

Find a Style that Flatters You and Stick With It :: You probably come across styles that look great on you.If the style is trendy, enjoy it for the moment, but don't toss it when the trend ends.Fashion trends have a tendency to come back in style,than you are lucky.

A piece of cloth of any shape or lenght can transform you completely which suits you perfectly.

So always be in vogue!!

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