Importance of Hair Conditioning for Healthy and Shiny Hair !

Importance of Conditioning your HAIR -:-

Although everybody needs a conditioner, the frequency of conditioning depends upon the texture of one’s hair. If you have greasy hair which looks shiny all the time, you can avoid using conditioner.However, if your hair is dry and gets tangled easily, it is recommended that you use conditioner every time you shampoo.

Conditioner should be used on the lower half of the hair length, while people with greasy hair should simply apply it to the tips. 
There are several conditioners available in the market. Broadly speaking, they come mixed with shampoos, or as stand alone conditioners or leave-in conditioners. Conditioner mixed in with shampoo are not very effective, as it gets washed away during the process of shampooing.

To use a standalone conditioner,after shampoo rince ,take a dollop of conditioner and run it through the hair. You can run your fingers through the hair ends avoiding scalp. Let it stay on the hair for a couple of minutes before you wash it off.
Leave-in conditioner needs to be applied on towel-dried hair and is not to be rinsed out with water. If you are prone to split-ends, you can apply a hydrating serum to the tips of your hair to hydrate the shaft and minimize splits.

IMP NOTE :: Avoide directly on the scalp as it is designed to moisturize the hair shaft and not the skin. When applied directly on the scalp, it may cause a reaction on the scalp skin. This can result in an itchy scalp and some people who are prone to dandruff may have an exacerbation of dandruff if the conditioner is applied directly on the scalp.

Hence, there are several reasons to condition one’s hair as it makes your hair smooth, soft and less prone to damage.

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