Hairstyles To Try Out Every day !

Simple Hairstyles !!

If you’ve been bored leaving your hair down every single day or wearing the same drab hair style with not much change, worry not. We show you ways in which to make some amazing hairstyles that you can make every day – and these aren’t time-taking too!
1. Sleek Ponytail : It is classy, chic and easy-to-make. It is especially perfect for work wear as it can stay put through the whole day.
 How to get a sleek ponytail : Straighten your hair such that it is sleek and soft and tie it up into a pony – high or low, the way you like it. It’s that simple!
2. The Side Braid : Braiding up our hair is something that we’ve done all through our schooling and hence, it is an easy hairstyle to make for most of us. It can look good with any outfit and can make you look dressy effortlessly. All you have to do is make it side-swept so that it is a tad bit different and prettier than the normal braid.
How to get a side braid : All you have to do is braid your hair (in regular, French or fishtail style), starting the braiding from the lower left or right end of your scalp.
3. The Puff Ponytail : If you have no time to straighten your hair or add curls or just do anything with it except tie it up into a pony, there’s still a way to make it look elegant and that is ‘puffing it up’.

How to get a puff ponytail : It is the simplest thing you can imagine. Tie your hair (yes, even the messy hair that you just woke up with) into a ponytail. But before you do that, comb out a little bit of the frontal part of your hair and make it stand out with the help of bobby pins.
4.Half Up and Half Down Hairstyle : Yet another hairstyle that helps us transform the boring and dreary hair into a dressy up do is the half up and half down hairstyle. Instead of leaving all your hair loose. Pull half of it up and make a knot or a braid or a pony out of it leaving the other half down. It is easy to make and can go with most outfits. And yes, it is one of those hairstyles that most celebs seem to be going for lately.
5.Add a Hair Band : Instead of leaving your hair down like every other day, glam it up a little bit by slipping on a hair band onto the hair.

How to add the hair band : Choosing the right hair band and placing it in on your hair is all it takes. See to it that the frontal part of your hair is puffed up a little bit so that it adds a certain chic-ness to it.

Feel free to share your experience and questions.

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