Looking older??.

As we age we look older , but there are things which make us look older too, so given below are list which we should avoid and are very easy to correct also.


Not using sunscreen 

The one cause of wrinkles is sun rays yet so many people fail to protect their skin.Using sunscreen will help prevent damage to skin and also sunburn that damage skin.


Yellow Teeth

Stained, yellow teeth are not attractive and indicate aging, poor hygiene, and perhaps bad habit(s). If you make it a priority to whiten teeth you can brighten your smile and save years of your appearance.


Being Overweight

Extra pounds have a tendency to look aged and signify aging body. So healthy eating habits and a regular exercise are essential to looking your best at any age.

Hair gray

If you want to look younger cover your gray hair and get an updated hairstyle.

Over Makeup

More flaws to cover as we get older but wearing too much makeup is a (counterproductive) mistake. Lighten up for a fresh, dewy look and wear lip gloss for fuller, shiny lips.


Saggy Breasts

A good support bra will help perk them up again and help prevent future saggage. The sooner, the better.

Dry Skin

Keep yourself (and your skin) hydrated with plenty of water and use a light moisturizer to combat wrinkles.


Poor posture

You can change how others perceive you by standing up straight, keeping shoulders back, and holding 

your head high. Once you begin doing this, it will become habit.

Hope this article helped you to look younger.

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