Stress Relief in 3 Minutes!
Practice techniques like controlled breathing exercises when you sense your stress levels soaring. The following exercise in breathing can be done for as little as three to five minutes at a time and is a great way to stop escalating feelings of tension, anger, and frustration.

Easy procedure for controlled breathing exercise:
Raise the practice to 15-20 minutes for every day. With habitual practice, you can train your body to rest in stressful situations using this exercise. This exercise can as well be effective in dealing with anxiety, stage fright, panic attacks, and fears (like the fear of flying). Taking a curative pause to focus on your breathing can moreover be a helpful anger management tool also.
1.Be seated in comfort position closing eyes.
2.Concentrate on your present state,& existence ,forget intrusive thoughts.
3.Give attention to your breathing.
4.Breath in gradually through nose taking numerous seconds.
5.Go on for mindful breathing for 3-5mins.

If you're feeling like all is getting on top of you, or you're finding it hard to cope and function as you generally do or maybe you're feeling down in the dumps, and then make an effort to try this.
Take a soothing bath. Add music, candles and a glass of your much loved drink: like tea, hot chocolate, beer, wine or even champagne. Shut the door and forget about all else for an hour or so. This helps to raise levels of calmness and the calmer we feel, the less likely we are to get worried out or depressed. It is a luxurious means to locate stress relief.

And keep in mind that relaxation is simply a good night's sleep away.

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