Difference between foundation, compact powder, BB/CC creams, mousse,and concealer?

Some people might be confused what should be applied after what when doing Make up ? So here the difference and also tells what to be applied step wise.....always choose a product that suits your skin not your friends using, recommended to take sample test before you buy which are available easily at plazas ....

Foundation- it is a product which give you even skin tone and coverage. They are of many types:
  1. Stick
  2. Liquid
  3. Mousse
  4. Mineral powder
It creates a perfect base , should be applied after moisturizing and concealer.

Compact powder- it is a super mattifying thing, has to applied on top of your liquid or creamy foundation so that it will not settle into fine lines or slide down your face.
It's a best base for applying your countering products too like blush, bronzer, highlighter, they can also be applied after foundation but it will last longer when powder is in a mix.Some powders also helps in covering pores and fine lines.

Concealer or color corrector-  Cosmetic that is used for hiding acne marks,blemishes,age spots,dark circles and other pigmented areas.
It's similar to foundation but thick in consistency but used to hide pigmentation by blending imperfection in surrounding skin tone.

BB creams- Stands for beauty balms or blemish balms. Its like a tinted moisturizer with many skin benefits including SPF.
It can smoothen the skin, gives a very light coverage, has anti-aging elements too, moisturizer, has SPF, it has some light reflecting properties so it gives you a dewy and luminous effect.

So here is the Q :- Moisturize - Concealer (if required) - Foundation - Compact powder - Liner - Kajol -Lip gloss - Bronze (if required).

So go ahead make your day much more perfect with perfect make up.

Thank you for reading, Have a great day.

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