Make-up Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Big and Pretty!

Nothing makes your face look prettier than big and beautiful eyes. If your eyes aren’t as big as you would like for them to be, fret not. We’ve got a few make up tricks that could make them seem a lot bigger than they really are. There’s one thing though – remember to keep them a secret!

1.Use a concealer lighter than your skin color

2.Curl your lashes

3.Apply a thicker coat of mascara on your upper lashes in comparison to the lower lashes

4.Apply a thin but defined line of liner

5.Start out thin and thicken the liner at the corners

6.Use bright eye-shadows

7.Darken the eye shadow at the creases so that they are defined

8.Arch your eyebrows
When you get your eyebrows shaped next time, you should remember that the best shape to make your eyes look larger is to arch them into curves. Especially when your arched eyebrows start out thick and end thin.

There you go. That’s all it takes to get those beautiful, big eyes. It’s now time to go with  pretty eye lashes at the world around you!

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